XXXtreme Mentoring

We call it XXXtreme Mentoring because the idea of entrusting everything to one person may seem extreme to some. It is.  We believe we are living in XXXtreme times. There are too many devices, too many websites; there is a reason why it’s called the “World Wide Web” and some parts of it are referred to as “the dark web.”  There are too many places too hide. It’s too easy to create a new e-mail address and start a whole new identity.  The Web is where you can be anyone, anywhere you want to be. And then there is the obvious pornographic reference within the XXX. Porn is rampant. According to Covenant Eyes:

  • 67% of kids admit to clearing their Internet cache and history files to hide their online activity
  • 79% of accidental exposure to pornography takes place in the home
  • 56% of divorce cases involve one spouse having an addiction to pornography
  • 29% of working adults access pornography at work
  • According to Family Safe Media, the average age of the first exposure to online pornography is 11
  • 80% of 15-17 year old boys admit to having viewed multiple, hard-core pornographic videos.

Pornography is destroying individuals, marriages and families. We live in XXXtreme times. Extreme times call for extreme measures.

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