This phrase is our motto, and rightfully so. “Give your secrets away” really sums up what we stand for in a simple, 4-word format. At the core of iLiveOPEN, we genuinely believe that when secrets are given away, it literally reshapes us. What recurring thoughts are you afraid others will find out? What habits do you desperately try to keep hidden? We all have them. Everyone has thoughts or actions that are kept in the dark precisely because they do not want them to come to the light. Anyone who says they do not is a liar. Some secrets are worse than others. Some have more potential to harm than others. But everyone has them.

It could be something as seemingly trivial as the extra money you hide from your parents or spouse just to make sure you have a little extra pocket money. It could be as illicit as an affair.

It has been said, “Confession is good for the soul,” and it’s true. Opening up about your secrets will do several things:

1) It will help you know that one or more people are walking with you, supporting and encouraging you.

2) It can also prevent you from continuing to do the same wrong things, over and over again.

What secrets are you keeping? In Luke 12:2, Jesus said there is nothing kept secret that will not be revealed. Think about that. Then, Give Your Secrets Away.

give your secrets away