is a group of people who are committed to Live Open and transparent before their loved ones and, most importantly, before our sovereign, loving, holy God. We do this in three steps:

STEP ONE: Give Your Secrets Away. Make a decision to stop hiding and stop lying. It has been said that “character is what you are when no one else is watching.” That statement, of course, is a half truth; God is always watching. To LiveOPEN means to make a decision to come clean with your secret sins, the sins you do behind closed doors. Come clean. Repent. Call it whatever you want but it’s time to LiveOPEN, transparent before God and your loved ones.

STEP TWO: Tell One Person Everything. Who’s the one you call or need to see when everything’s going wrong? Who’s the one person to whom you feel you can say anything? Who’s the person you know will tell you the truth when another might just try to make you feel better? And which of your friends do you trust to give you counsel that is based on God’s Word? Got a person in mind yet? Can you see their face? Meet your new mentor.

STEP THREE: XXXtreme Mentoring. Find a LiveOPEN Event in your area. You may attend as often as you and your mentor choose to attend but it should be frequent enough that the accountability will be effective. Out of sight is out of mind, as they say. You don’t want to be out of sight or out of mind of your mentor for long.

Are you ready to Give Your Secrets Away?

give your secrets away