iLiveOPEN is a call and a challenge to all to LiveOPEN, transparent, and honest lives before your friends and family and, most importantly, before God. We do this in three steps:

First, we decide to “Give Our Secrets Away,” to stop hiding and lying and to come clean regarding our deepest, darkest secrets. We believe that when secrets are given away, it will transform us.

Second, we agree to “Tell One Person Everything.” No more hiding; no more lying. We commit to spill it all out. It could be a close friend, mentor or parent to whom we open up. Pornography, internet gossip, online bullying, and cyber sexual relationships are things that are crucial to get honest about, and might just be the thing that’s tearing down a generation of young people that have the potential to do great things. Get brutally honest with somebody.

Third, we commit to XXXtreme Mentoring. We attend LiveOPEN Events where individuals meet with their XXXtreme Mentors for, you guessed it, mentoring and accountability. We know that the words “mentoring” and “accountability” aren’t always the most attractive or “comfy” of terms. But hopefully it’s the thought of finally having nothing to hide, no more guilt and a clear conscience before God and man that come as a result of mentoring and accountability that should get your attention. The feeling that comes from being clean is something you can’t buy on iTunes or download off YouTube.

Are you ready to Give Your Secrets Away?  It might change everything.

give your secrets away