Whether you’re a leader in your church, school or some other organization, the start-up process is the same:

1) Get the Wristband (or, ideally, more than one…enough for everyone)!

2) You’ll receive a receipt for your order from PayPal, and a welcome kit won’t be far behind. Initially, your “welcome kit” will consist of a letter, some legalese, and the wristbands, the latter of which may be shipped separately. But that letter will have more than one option as to how you can get started. You can institute it yourself, of course, or you can have us do it for you. You may believe you’re able to do it yourself but no one is more passionate about LivingOPEN than us, and passion goes a long way when you’re introducing a new concept!

3) Set a date for the kickoff LiveOPEN event and announce it to your organization!

4) Follow through! As this is promoted on our website and in our e-mails, it is highly likely that there will be people at your event you do not know. (Maybe not a bunch, initially…remember, we’re new, but…) There could be a few who show up needing to get to know people. There may well be people who show up in search of a mentor, not having selected one in advance. Others may want to be a mentor. iLiveOPEN events facilitate the meeting of mentors with their mentees in a Christ-centered, structured environment. iLiveOPEN is NOT in the business of matching mentors with mentees! Should your organization decide to try to match mentors with mentees, it is strongly recommended that you have a policy in place addressing criminal background checks, permissible background issues, etc. iLiveOPEN assumes no liability for what you do at your LiveOPEN event, but we may close your chapter if you are found operating outside these boundaries.

Nevertheless, you can help facilitate mentor matching by drawing from the mentee’s own pool of trusted contacts. In other words, you can and should follow up to help ensure a connection is made, and that you just don’t have a bunch of people wearing cool wristbands! Ready to Get Started?

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