Tell One Person Everything.

Two are better than one. Three may be a crowd, but two are definitely better than one. In his book, Sex Is Not The Problem, Lust Is, Joshua Harris entitled one of the chapters, “Lone rangers are dead rangers.” (I don’t know who the first person was to say that, but I’ll let Joshua have the credit because his book is where the saying stuck with me.) The Bible says it (more on that later). Experience confirms it.

Our country is run by three branches of government, the president has a cabinet of advisors, the largest companies are most often run by boards. The family consists of a man, a woman, often children, and relatives on all sides. Frankly, an argument could be made that it would be great to tell more than one person everything, but we will fight that battle on another day. Right now, we are just asking you to be completely transparent with one person: Tell One Person Everything. And we mean everything!

If people could see every e-mail, facebook or text message you’ve sent, what would they see? It has been well said that if you want to see the character of a person, look at their bank statement. What would people think about you if they knew where your money was spent? What charges would you not want people to see?

As those committed to LiveOPEN, we commit to have every device we own (pc, laptop, phone, iPod, iPad, etc.) and every Internet related site or service we use (e-mail, facebook, twitter, chat, e-mail, websites, online banking, etc.) reviewed by at least one person. We commit to reveal our deepest, darkest secrets, our inner thoughts and struggles, our temptations and our wrongs.

Of course, it has to be the right person. We don’t do this with strangers. A LiveOPEN event isn’t an AA meeting or anything of the like. We’re not standing up and saying, “My name is Chandler and I’m a/an…” fill in the blank. This isn’t speed dating either. You’re not going to be randomly matched with someone from the group and then make the rounds. The person to whom you confide everything is entirely your choice. Ideally, it’s going to be someone older, someone wiser, someone who knows God’s Word inside and out. It’s going to be someone who will always tell you the truth, even when it hurts.

But, whoever you choose, you’re agreeing to tell them everything. No holds barred. Nothing held back. Ever. And they’re agreeing to listen, without condemnation, to speak the truth in love, and never to tell anyone else (unless, of course, what you say reveals that you have physically harmed or intend to physically harm to another person… Then, in view of so many terrible events, it is the policy of iLiveOPEN to notify the authorities immediately! And, friend, we mean this.)

give your secrets away